10-Step Guide to Getting Started With Liteboxer

Tablet positioned on Liteboxer platform with a boxer reaching down to choose the music for their boxing workout

Hey, there fighter! Thinking about stepping into the ring but not sure where to start? Or just purchased your Liteboxer and want the low-down on what’s next? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this step-by-step guide to getting started with Liteboxer. Before you know it, you’ll be releasing your inner champ and punching your stress away. 

Navigate through our 10 steps to getting started below and don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have more questions.

Step 1: Choose a location for your Liteboxer
Step 2: Buy your boxing bundle 
Step 3: Get your access to premium content
Step 4: Prepare for your delivery
Step 5: Assemble your Liteboxer
Step 6: Download the Liteboxer app
Step 7: Set up your phone or tablet on the Liteboxer platform
Step 8: Put on your Liteboxer hand wraps and gloves
Step 9: Start your first boxing workout
Step 10: Care for your Liteboxer

Step 1: Choose a location for your Liteboxer

Congratulations on making the decision to turn your at-home workout up a notch with Liteboxer. We’re so excited to get you set up with your interactive at-home boxing experience. But first thing’s first – let’s make sure you have the right amount of space for your Liteboxer before you order.

This location will need to have an electrical outlet within 4 feet, and ideally should be close to your wireless router. This is to ensure a stable connection when accessing in-app content, such as trainer-led videos. While Liteboxer itself has a footprint of 37.6” x 55.5”, we recommend leaving 12" of clearance in the front and sides of the platform. This extra clearance will allow for any shift in location during your workout. If you purchased the platform extender, this adds 18" to the length of the platform, so you will need to dedicate a bit more space. 

Many of our trainer-led workouts will incorporate off-platform activity, such as calisthenics or yoga. Due to this, we recommend having more floor space so you can have the best experience. 

Step 2: Buy your boxing bundle

Now that you know you have the right amount of space, it’s time to get a full-body workout with our Liteboxer bundle. It has everything you need to get started: 1 Liteboxer Shield, 1 platform, 1 pair of Liteboxer gloves, 1 pair of hand wraps, 3 months of our premium membership, and free ground shipping. 

Want to boost the intensity? Buy our Liteboxer Resistance Bands so you can incorporate more cross-training into your workout. Your Liteboxer also comes with a 30-day free trial because we want you to have the best boxing workout experience, or your money back if you aren’t fully satisfied.

For fighters over 6'1" we recommend also purchasing our platform extender to give you a little more room to move during your workout. The extender includes an extended base mat, two additional hard floor covers, and all the hardware needed to connect it to your base platform.

Step 3:  Purchase You Membership Subscription 

After getting set up with your Liteboxer bundle, it’s time to choose your Liteboxer membership option. You can choose between a monthly or annual membership, saving over $20 with our annual membership. 

Liteboxer's membership gives you access to Punch Tracks programmed to licensed music and classes led by world-class trainers. We update our library daily so there’s always a new challenge or feature to explore! 

Not interested in committing to the membership quite yet? No worries! With any of our Liteboxer packages, you will get access to 30 days of free premium membership as a part of your purchase. 

After the 30-day membership trial is up, you can still enjoy basic punch tracks subscription-free. However, you will have much more limited punch track and content options available to you so we definitely recommend membership to get the most out of your Liteboxer workout!

Step 4: Prepare for your delivery

Your Liteboxer ships in 2 packages with the following size and weight:

Box Dimensions: 4'x4'x20" (121 x 121 x 50cm) (each)
Weight: 65lbs (30kg) (each)

There is nothing else you need to do to manage this shipment- we've got it all covered! But keep an eye on your expected delivery date if you need to plan ahead for help with carrying your packages into your home. As a reminder, your Liteboxer order includes free ground shipping so there is no extra cost.

Step 5: Assemble your Liteboxer

The day has come and your Liteboxer has arrived! Follow our step-by-step assembly video below as Jeremy walks you through how to get set up. We promise it’s easier than assembling most Ikea furniture! 

After you get your Liteboxer assembled, make sure to adjust the height of your Liteboxer. We recommend starting by placing the Liteboxer logo on the center of the shield at shoulder height.  However, feel free to make adjustments to find out what height works best for you. 

 To adjust, loosen the height adjustment handle on the back of the pole with one hand while using the other hand to grasp onto the handle located on the back of the shield. Raise or lower the shield carefully, keeping your grip on the shield's handle. Once set to the desired height, tighten the height adjustment handle before removing your hands.

 After assembling and adjusting the height of your Liteboxer, connect the power supply to an outlet of your choosing. Then, use the extra port on the power supply to provide power to your smart device. 

Step 6: Download the Liteboxer app

To get your device synced up with Liteboxer, visit the App Store or Google Play Store on your device and download the "Liteboxer - Boxing Workout" app. After it downloads, head to your device’s settings and make sure your Bluetooth is set to “on'' and allows sharing and location services. Liteboxer uses a standard Bluetooth 4.1 LE connection to measure your performance during a training session. 

Open the Liteboxer app and press the Liteboxer logo in white at the top right-hand corner of your screen. The app will display a target on your device in green, go ahead and hit that corresponding target on your Liteboxer Shield. 

 Your app will then ask if you would like to calibrate your Liteboxer. In most instances, you will only need to calibrate if your Bluetooth headphones are out of sync. For your first workout, we recommend selecting "No".

Step 7: Set up your phone or tablet on the Liteboxer platform

The Liteboxer app runs all of Liteboxer’s programming. It chooses the music, the lighting pattern on the shield, and reports your hit accuracy during a session. With the Liteboxer app, your phone or tablet acts as a trainer who’s always in your corner. When you’re in the middle of a fight your eyes are on Liteboxer’s shield, but the screen is there to give you cues or to quickly check on your score.

To maintain an accurate connection between Liteboxer and your device, keep your device on the Device shelf below the Uppercut Pad. This position will allow you to see notifications from the device or instructions from the trainer.

 Liteboxer does not include speakers within the unit. Instead, all audio plays through the app on your smartphone or tablet. You can connect headphones or an external speaker to your iOS or Android device using a cable or Bluetooth connection if applicable.

Step 8: Put on your Liteboxer hand wraps (Optional)

It’s time for that first workout! Before you start mastering the punches, first you’ve got to get set up with your hand wraps. Check out our video with trainer Jhon or our step-by-step list below for a walk-through of the right way to wrap those hands. 


  1. Loosen the wrap so that it is completely unrolled.
  2. Find the loop at the end of the wrap and place it around your thumb with the seam facing down. Position your hand so that your knuckles are facing upwards.
  3. Pull the wrap away from you and circle the wrap around your wrist twice finishing with the wrap towards you.
  4. Cross the wrap over the back of your hand then wrap over your knuckles 3 times. Finish with the wrap towards you and below your thumb.
  5. Place the wrap between your ring and index finger and circle the wrap around your ring finger. Finish with the wrap on the back of your hand over your thumb.
  6. Wrap around your wrist again finishing with the wrap away from you.
  7. Place the wrap between your pointer finger and thumb and wrap around your pointer finger and back below your thumb.
  8. Wrap once more around the underside of the thumb and around the knuckles finishing with the wrap away from you before wrapping the rest of the wrap around your wrist.
  9. Use the velcro strap to secure the wrap at the back of the wrist.

Step 9: Start your first boxing workout!

Now that you are all set up and ready to go it’s finally time to start your first workout! We recommend getting started with one of the below beginner trainer-led workouts: 

  • 15 min Beginner with GW
  • 15 min Beginner Hip-hop with Kenny
  • 15 min Beginner Hip-hop with Jon Jon 

 All of our trainer-led workouts are exhilarating and designed to build strength, cardio endurance, and mental acuity. Trainer led workouts range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes and provide a variety of different approaches to fitness. All workouts revolve around boxing but also include warm-up stretches, bonus cardiovascular exercises, and instructions about how to improve your boxing technique.

After you get a handle on your first few trainer-led classes try one of our Punch Tracks which allows you to pick your own music and box to the beat. You can select a single song or a few together to make a personal playlist. Choose easy, medium, or hard to get the right challenge for you. 

 Your punch strength, accuracy, and the number of good hits in a row make up your score. Do a punch track multiple times to beat your best or send your score to a friend to see who is the king of the ring.

Step 10: Care for your Liteboxer

To keep your Liteboxer in tip-top shape, we recommend that after every workout you wipe away any sweat, dust, or debris using a micro-fiber towel alongside a safe household cleaner. Be sure to spray the cleaner directly onto the towel, as opposed to spraying Liteboxer directly. 

 We also recommend that once a month you remove the platform mat and check that all base screws are securely in place. If you have a regular Liteboxer platform this will be 8 screws on top and 2 on each side. If you have a platform extension you will need to tighten 16 screws on top and 4 on each side. Retighten as needed to ensure optimal platform stability.

Have more questions about getting started with Liteboxer? Reach out to our team at support@liteboxer.com for more information.

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