Announcing Liteboxer VR

Announcing Liteboxer VR

Liteboxer is officially entering the metaverse with the announcement of our first-ever virtual reality fitness experience, Liteboxer VR, demoing at CES 2022 on January 5. Although not available for purchase until March 2022, here you can get a sneak-peek at Liteboxer VR and the future of immersive fitness.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual Reality or VR is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment that feels like the real deal. With a head-mounted display, you can step into almost any experience as if you’re really there. 

With Liteboxer VR you can enter a virtual boxing ring for a full sensory workout without ever leaving your living room. Your trainers are no longer just on a screen in front of you, they’re interacting with you in a 3D world. 

What is Liteboxer VR?

From the very beginning, our mission at Liteboxer has been about providing you with the most immersive at-home sports experience possible. We do that by combining hardware, game dynamics, hit music, and expert training all into one high-intensity workout that’s as fun as playing a video game. Only in this video game, you’re building cardio, strength, and mental acuity while you play.

With Liteboxer VR we take this immersive experience to a whole new level. 

Available on Quest 2, our first venture into the world of virtual reality will feature: 

  • Real trainer-led workouts dropping daily that cross the boundary of motivation into actual coaching and 3D interaction
  • Head-to-head challenges where you can duke it out in the metaverse with family, friends, or fellow Liteboxers around the world 
  • An extensive music library in partnership with Universal Music Group, bringing everything from Lady Gaga to YG into the virtual ring
  • In-app leaderboards and personal stats where you can keep track of your performance and share your victories across social media
Liteboxer VR virtual ring with Trainer Jill

Here’s how Jeff Morin, our CEO and Co-Founder, describes Liteboxer VR:

 “We’re thrilled to bring Liteboxer VR to market, blazing a trail for the VR fitness revolution and expanding access to first-class fitness that looks to the next wave of fit-tech innovation.” 


“The dawn of the metaverse points to a demand for a deeper sense of connectivity. Virtual reality workouts connect people in a way that’s more meaningful than a 2D screen on a tablet, phone, or computer. With just a VR headset and your will to win, anyone can now workout anywhere in the world with the best trainers, tracks, and fitness technology.”

How does it work?

Using precise hand-tracking software — a first for fitness virtual reality — Liteboxer VR offers the option for a controller-free experience. This enables Liteboxers to square off in challenges or trainer-led workouts without needing to grip bulky hardware. 

All you need to join this next generation of VR fitness is a Quest 2 VR headset and a Liteboxer VR membership (available for purchase starting March 3, 2022). 

Liteboxer VR virtual ring with streak metrics

What makes Liteboxer VR different from other types of fitness VR?

Unlike other VR fitness offerings, Liteboxer VR’s goal is to provide the ultimate sports-at-home experience. In other words, we’re fitness first and video game second. This means that instead of an exergaming video game, Liteboxer VR is a full workout experience that is built to fit into a gaming format, not the other way around.

Not only that but Liteboxer VR offers an added layer of curation unique to VR fitness. Users can personalize a playlist song-by-song to get their fists moving and their hearts pumping. We refresh our vast music library daily with motivational Punch Tracks that push Liteboxers to land blows to choreographed top-charting music. 

With Liteboxer VR you can challenge your friends in the metaverse to the latest track by Billie Eilish or The Weeknd, or throw it back with a song by Bon Jovi. Simply select the song, send a challenge, then kick off the virtual competition.

How can I sign up for Liteboxer VR?

Liteboxer VR will be available for purchase on the Quest Store beginning March 3, 2022

Regularly priced at $18.99/month (7 Day Free Trial) for first-time Liteboxers, Liteboxer VR will be free for those who already own our innovative Floor Stand or Wall Mount models and have a Liteboxer Membership

If you don’t currently own a Liteboxer, you can buy a Liteboxer VR membership separate from our Floor Stand or Wall Mount. Want to get an update once it’s available for purchase? Head to and submit your email to receive launch updates.

Join us at CES 2022

We’re excited to join CES 2022 as an exhibitor for the next wave of innovation debuting our Liteboxer VR offering from January 5-8 in Las Vegas. 

If you’re affiliated with the consumer technology industry you can register today and join us at our sports technology booth #54111 in Tech West at the Venetian Expo, Halls A-C. You’ll be able to demo all our current models including our Floor Stand, Wall Mount, and newly announced VR offering

Not in the Las Vegas area? You can also engage with exhibitors at CES through their digital registration

Learn more about CES 2022 here.

Liteboxer CES 2022 booth

For more information on Liteboxer and our new VR at-home fitness offering, visit and submit your email to stay in the know on Liteboxer VR, when it’s ready for purchase, and other exciting announcements. 

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