Get To Know Your Liteboxer

Get To Know Your Liteboxer

One look at Liteboxer lets you know that we’re not just another heavy bag. We’re an at-home sports experience for all fighters and fitness enthusiasts. 

 The goal is to get more than just a great workout — although we know you’re here to sweat. It’s about creating a convenient, high-energy experience that ends with sweaty smiles and the confidence to march (and punch!) to your own beat.  

So how does Liteboxer provide all of that? By utilizing lights, music, and tempo to power your workout and maximize your performance. The result is an experience that mimics the physicality, rhythm, and emotion of sparring in a ring with a partner, but from the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

Here’s a breakdown of all the elements of your Liteboxer experience that come together to make you a stronger and smarter fighter, one jab-cross at a time. 

Liteboxer On-Demand Workouts

Liteboxer App

The Liteboxer app runs the entire Liteboxer experience. You can download the Liteboxer app on both iOS and Android. After downloading and creating an account, establish Bluetooth connectivity between Liteboxer and your Liteboxer app using your own tablet or phone. 

On the Liteboxer app with a Liteboxer Membership, you’ll get access to new daily content, unlimited on-demand workouts, top-charting music, best-in-class trainers, and more. 

Check out How to Use Your Liteboxer App for an orientation on how to navigate all the different class options, including new app features you can explore today. 

Liteboxer Membership

With a Liteboxer Membership, you’ll unlock unlimited access to premium content dropping daily in the app, including Punch Tracks programmed to an ever-growing library of the latest charting music and classes led by best-in-class trainers. 

You get 30 days of free access to the Liteboxer membership with your purchase of any Liteboxer package. After your 30 day free trial is up, you still have access to a Liteboxer free account, which includes 20 basic punch tracks, three trainer classes, and three sparring sessions. 

However, you’ll miss out on unlimited top-charting music and best-in-class trainer instruction so we recommend becoming a member to get the most out of your Liteboxer experience. 

Learn more about Liteboxer Membership and unlock access today.


Smart Shield

The green LED lights guide the way to where most of the action takes place on your Liteboxer: the Smart Shield. The Liteboxer Smart Shield contains six targets with force sensors and over 200 LED lights to detect and track your every move. 

As the music begins, our Rhythm Technology syncs each light to the beat. Then, the LED runway lights originating from the shield's center tell you where and when to punch. 

Think of your Smart Shield as your sparring partner. The top three targets are swings to the head while the bottom three are body shots. No matter where you’re punching, you’ll know you’ve made an accurate hit when the lights turn green.

 For every hit, our force sensors are tracking your accuracy, punch streak, and force - a combination of how well you can keep up and how much power you pack in your punch. These results are stored in your profile in the Liteboxer app, so we can measure, guide, and build the best workout possible.  

We collect and report your results daily so that you can track your progress, set goals, and try and beat your best score. Share your score with a friend to see who’s the king or queen of the ring! 

Runway Lights

LED runway lights originate from the shield’s center and travel towards one of the six targets. When the lights reach the center of the target, that’s your cue to punch. That light is your guide! You want to follow the light, track the light, and punch the light. 

We also offer classes at different difficulty levels for every fighter. What separates the difficulty are the runway lights. In Beginner mode, the runway lights travel at a certain speed depending on the song that’s playing, whereas in Advanced mode, the runway lights in the same song travel at a higher frequency to increase difficulty. 

Uppercut Pad

During Trainer Classes, your Smart Shield is sometimes used to prompt you to throw an uppercut. To throw an uppercut punch, shift your weight into your front foot and bend into a slight squat as you drive your lead arm up to punch the hyper-absorbent Uppercut Pad located right below your Smart Shield. 

Uppercut punches expand your muscle engagement as you rotate your hips, pivot your back heel, and drive your fists upward to strike the lower shield. This keeps things interesting as you switch up your punches throughout the class, building extra power and breaking a serious sweat.

Height Adjustment

You can raise or lower the Liteboxer shield to personalize your experience such as:

  • Getting the most ergonomic height for your body to minimize strain through repeated use
  • Mimicking different sparring partner heights
  • Allowing other family members or friends to experience Liteboxer by adjusting the height to suit their needs

To get started, we recommend lining up the center of the shield to your shoulder height, but play around with the height to find what works best for you. 

To adjust, loosen the height adjustment handle on the back of the pole with one hand while using the other hand to grasp onto the handle located on the back of the shield. Raise or lower the shield carefully, keeping your grip on the shield's handle. Once set to the desired height, tighten the handle before removing your hands.

Tablet Shelf

After setting up your Liteboxer app and Membership keep your own phone or tablet on the Tablet shelf below the Uppercut Pad. This position ensures a stable Bluetooth connection between Liteboxer and your device. 

When you’re in the middle of a fight your eyes are on Liteboxer’s Smart Shield. But your personal tablet or phone positioned on your Tablet Shelf is there to shout out cues from your trainer and to help you quickly check on your score or any device notifications. With the Liteboxer app, your phone or tablet on the Tablet Shelf acts as a trainer who’s always in your corner. 

Platform Footprint

You’re a fighter and Liteboxer's platform is your arena. The advanced design allows for your body weight to be the counterforce to your punches so there’s no need to weigh things down with sand or water. The rigid steel frame allows you to punch as hard and as often as you can.

Your Liteboxer platform has a footprint of 37.6” x 55.5”. To accommodate any movement from the shield and your limbs during a heavy workout we recommend leaving 12" of clearance in the front and on the sides of the platform. 

For fighters over 6'1" we recommend purchasing our platform extender to give you a little more room to move during your workout. This adds 18" to the length of the platform, so you’ll need to dedicate a bit more floor space. 

Many of our trainer-led workouts will incorporate off-platform activities, such as strength training or yoga. For off-platform workouts, it helps to have extra floor space near the platform so that the trainer is still visible to you on your phone or tablet.

Liteboxer Accessories


Before you can box with Liteboxer, you need to glove up! Gloves protect your knuckles and wrists from the impact of your punches. Plus, they give extra weight to your hits and help you channel your inner fighter. 

Our Liteboxer gloves come in two sizes: small and large. To determine the correct fit for your Liteboxer gloves, measure from the base of the palm to the top of the index finger. 

  • Small: Less than 8 inches or 20cm
  • Large: Greater than 8 inches or 20cm

You get access to a pair of gloves as part of your Liteboxer purchase, but you can always buy more for friends and family to use.


Boxing wraps also play a major role in protecting your wrists and knuckles from the impact of the punch, without adding too much extra bulk. They’re also much easier to clean than your gloves, helping to keep everything smelling (somewhat) fresh. 

Need help putting on your wraps? Check out our video here for step-by-step instructions: 

Resistance Bands

Looking to boost the intensity? Some of our Liteboxer classes incorporate resistance band training into the workout. Resistance bands level up your workout by adding extra resistance to your exercises. 

Our Liteboxer Resistance Bands include: 

  • 5 bands (10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 lbs)
  • 2 handles
  • 2 door stoppers
  • 2 ankle wraps
  • 1 extra carabiner
  • 1 carry bag for easy storage

Experience Liteboxer first-hand by purchasing your Liteboxer Package today with our 30 day risk-free trial. We can’t wait to see you in the ring.

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