Give $100, Get $100: Learn More About Our Liteboxer Referral Program

Give $100, Get $100: Learn More About Our Liteboxer Referral Program

There’s nothing quite like stepping into the ring and giving it all you’ve got in the most sweaty, immersive, and beat-based full-body workout that is Liteboxer. 

But you know what’s even better than throwing punches solo? Bringing your best friend, dad, heck, even your Grandma into the ring for their own beat-based workout. 

When you challenge your friends and family to join you on Liteboxer, your workout becomes a shared experience. You can track one another’s progress, cheer each other on to meet your goals, and compete to find out who’s king of the ring.

This elevates your workout by creating a community centered around self-improvement where everyone is building the best version of themselves. When you accept the challenge of Liteboxer together, you accept the challenge of growing stronger together. And who doesn’t want that for their friends and family? 

If you’re ready to introduce your friends and family to our best-in-class trainers and music-driven workouts — and get paid in the process! — here’s how you can refer Liteboxer: 

How does it work?

When you refer your friends they get $100 off a Liteboxer and you get a $100 Gift Card! Your friend has to buy a Liteboxer package of value greater than or equal to $750 for you to receive your Gift Card. Your Digital Gift Card will arrive in your inbox 5 days after your friend purchases their new Liteboxer using your referral link. 

How many friends can I refer to Liteboxer? 

You can refer up to 5 friends every year for a total value of up to $500. This resets every calendar year so you can keep referring new friends!

How do I get my referral link? 

Head to our referral form and fill out your name and email address. After filling out our form, you will get a unique referral link that you can send to friends and family before they make their Liteboxer purchase. This referral link allows you to receive credit for any referrals. Then, cha-ching! You have $100 to spend on whatever you’d like.

Who can I refer?

Your mom, your dad, your best friend, your dog, anyone you want! Okay, maybe not your dog, but as long as they are a real person and they meet the requirements of our program, they are good to go! 

And based on the feedback we’ve seen from our current customers, Liteboxer can be fun for the whole family! So get creative and think about who in your life would love an immersive and thrilling exercise experience that both challenges and motivates you. 

“I was looking for something different to engage in for a workout. I did some research and decided on Liteboxer. It arrived very quickly and we set it up that night. My husband and I both love the workouts. I like that you can choose whatever workout you have time for and feel up for. I know I'm working out muscles that aren’t used to it.” 

– Karin W.

“Purchased this for my wife for mother's day. She absolutely loves it and wants to show everyone that comes over how cool, and fun it is.”

– Nick C.

“I am addicted to Liteboxer! I love the 30 min instructor-led programs and then extend with a 2 or 3 song led training or punch tracks. It’s always just one more song and it takes the chore out of exercising. I came close to buying fight camp but this is way more engaging…. As an added bonus 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's which shook my world outlook. Boxing is proven to help and I really think the way the lights keep my brain engaged is going to help me continue minimizing the symptoms. Thank you for bringing this product to market!” 

– Ashley M. 

How can I share my referral link?

Once you fill out our referral form and get your referral link you can share that link anywhere you want! Here are a few ideas for how you can spread the Liteboxer love:

  • Post a personal story about your Liteboxer experience on social media, and make sure to include your referral link. People love hearing real stories, so share your journey and what you enjoy about the workout in your own words. The more authentic you can be, the better!
  • Share your referral link over email to friends and family, letting them know about the workout and what Liteboxer is all about. You never know who is on the lookout for a change-up to their workout routine! 
  • If you have a fun work Slack channel or email chain where you can share non-work-related news, feel free to post a quick blurb about your experience with Liteboxer, letting your coworkers know about your referral link. This is a great way to get your referral link out to more people! 
  • Bring your friends over to try out your Liteboxer at home! Sometimes the best way to explain Liteboxer is to share the experience of Liteboxer. And if they are ever interested in getting their own, make sure they know about your referral link! 

Why should I refer Liteboxer?

If you’re enjoying your workouts with Liteboxer, there’s no better feeling than sharing that experience with someone else! 

By referring friends and family members who could really benefit from or enjoy Liteboxer in their lives, you are helping make that decision even easier with $100 off their purchase. And when they get their Liteboxer, you can feel pride in knowing that you helped play a role in elevating their lives and their workout, one punch at a time. 

Plus, who doesn’t love an extra $100 in their wallet?

If you have more questions about our referral program and how it works, head over to our support page for more information!

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