How to Assemble Your Liteboxer in 10 Easy Steps

How to Assemble Your Liteboxer in 10 Easy Steps

We can’t wait to power your at-home sports experience with lights, top-charting music, and best-in-class instruction. But before you can get started it’s time to follow along below with our 10 easy steps to assembling your Liteboxer

Assembly should only take around 30 minutes. And with only five major pieces we promise it’s easier than building that piece of Ikea furniture… 


Before You Start Assembly: Choose a Location

First thing’s first– make sure you have the right amount of space for your Liteboxer. Ideally, you’re confirming this before ordering, but it’s also good to double-check before you start unboxing. 

Liteboxer Footprint

Your Liteboxer has a footprint of 55.3" L x 37.5" W. To accommodate any movement from the shield and your limbs during a heavy workout we recommend leaving 12" of clearance in the front and on the sides of the platform. 

For fighters over 6'1" we recommend purchasing our platform extender to give you a little more room to move during your workout. This adds 18" to the length of the platform for a footprint of 73.3" L x 37.5" W, so you’ll need to dedicate a bit more floor space. 

Many of our workouts will also incorporate off-platform activities, such as strength training or yoga. For off-platform workouts, it helps to have extra floor space near the platform so that the trainer is still visible to you on your phone or tablet.

Electrical outlet and router accessibility 

Make sure your chosen location is within 4 feet of an electrical outlet and close to your wireless router. This is to ensure a stable connection when accessing your unlimited content through the Liteboxer Membership

Begin assembly in your chosen location

Once you’ve found your ideal spot take both packages to that location so you can assemble your Liteboxer right where you want it to live. If you’re assembling your Liteboxer in a different location, take one piece at a time to the final assembly location instead of trying to move the fully assembled Liteboxer all at once. 

Pro tip: If you do need to move the location of your Liteboxer after assembly, you can move your Liteboxer by grabbing the transportation handle on the back of the pole and using the wheels under the platform to roll the entire assembly to a new location.

Step 1: Find and check your hardware kit

Find and get familiar with the tools in your hardware kit before you begin. These tools include: 

  • Allen keys
  • Feet lock-nut washer wrench
  • Pole attachment screws (M10)
  • Base side screws (M8)
  • Base top screws (M8)
  • Pole height set screw
  • Tablet shelf screw
  • Head unit screws (M10)
  • Base top screw washers 

Pro tip: You have all the tools you need in this kit to assemble your Liteboxer. But if you have one available, use a power drill in place of the included Allen key to assemble all the screws. This makes it easier to get those screws nice and tight. 

Hardware kit

Step 2: Assemble the platform or platform extender

First, we want to start with the foundation of your Liteboxer: the platform. If you purchased a platform extender skip to the “Assemble your platform extender” instructions in the next section. 

Assemble your platform (no platform extender): 
  1. Remove the shipping inserts.
  2. Line up the middle of the two pieces and push both sides together at the same time and with the same speed.
  3. Once connected, install four base screws (M8), there are two on each side, into the platform using your Allen key or power drill.
  4. There are eight holes on the top of the platform. Install eight base top screws (M8) and washers into those holes using your Allen key or power drill. Make sure these are tightly screwed in.

Platform Assembly

Platform Assembly Part 2

Assemble your platform extender: 
  1. Remove the shipping inserts.
  2. Line up the middle of the three pieces and push them together at the same time and with the same speed. Once connected, install eight base screws (M8), there are four on each side, into the platform using your Allen key or power drill.
  3. There are 16 holes on the top of the platform. Install 16 base top screws (M8) and washers into those holes using your Allen key or power drill. Make sure these are tightly screwed in.

Platform Extender Assembly

Step 3: Calibrate the feet

Before you start adding on to your platform, let’s check to make sure your Liteboxer’s feet are tight and level with the ground.

  1. Rotate each of the feet either upwards or downwards until you find that the platform has stable contact with the ground. 
  2. Use your feet lock-nut washer wrench to lock the feet in place.

Pro tip: While you’re here, tighten the screws on the bottom of the platform with your Allen key or power drill for additional platform security.

Calibrate the platform feet

Step 4: Lay down the platform liner

Included in your package is a platform liner. Unroll that and place it directly onto the top of the platform.

Lay down the platform liner

Step 5: Prepare the pole

Now that your platform is set up and ready to go, let’s move on to the pole which supports your Smart Shield and contains your tablet shelf. 

  1. Fully extend the pole then lock it into place.
  2. Find your set screw (M8) and tightly install it into the pole using your Allen Key or power drill. 
  3. Reach and grab the USB cable from both holes in the pole. 

Pro tip: Tighten the screws for the tablet shelf even if they arrive preassembled. This will prevent your tablet shelf from moving during your workout. 

Prepare the pole

Step 6: Install the pole

It’s time to connect your pole to your platform’s base. 

  1. Start by carefully placing the extended pole into the pole mount on the platform. 
  2. Tightly install the two pole attachment screws (M10) into the sides using your Allen key or power drill.

Install the pole

Step 7: Install the head unit

Next up is your Smart Shield, where most of the action takes place on your Liteboxer. 

  1. Place the Smart Shield onto the pole.
  2. Tightly screw the two head unit screws (M10) into the pole using your Allen key or power drill.
  3. Take the USB cable coming out of the pole and attach it to the USB cable on your Smart Shield.
  4. Tuck any leftover cable back into the pole so nothing is loose or hanging out.

Install the head unit

Step 8: Adjust to your height

Once your Liteboxer is set up the next step is customizing the height of the Liteboxer shield to personalize your experience. This allows you to get the most ergonomic height for your body to reduce any strain through repeated use. 

We recommend lining up the center of the shield to your shoulder height. To adjust, loosen the height adjustment handle on the back of the pole with one hand while using the other hand to grasp onto the handle located on the back of the shield. Raise or lower the shield carefully, keeping your grip on the shield's handle. Once set to the desired height, tighten the handle before removing your hands.

It’s easy to adjust so play around with the height to find what works best for you. You might also want to adjust the height to create the feeling of boxing with different-sized sparring partners or to fit the height of a family member or friend. 

Once everything is set, you can place your personal tablet or phone on the tablet shelf and secure it with the elastic bands.

Adjust to your height

Step 9: Download the app and set up your account

Before you can hit play on a workout you need to download the Liteboxer app on iOS or Android and set up your Liteboxer account. 

After your Liteboxer purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email in your inbox inviting you to create a new account if you haven’t already. Follow the link in your email, or visit, and fill out the “Create Your Account” form. 

Then choose the Liteboxer Membership plan that’s right for you and click “begin free 30-day trial” to start your free month of Liteboxer Membership. Your free trial will begin automatically after setting up a Bluetooth connection with your Liteboxer app. You can cancel or upgrade your membership at any time via the membership portal.

Pro tip: For more information on app installation and account setup, check out our support article here

Step 10: Try it all out risk-free for 30 days

With your Liteboxer purchase, you have a month to try out both the Liteboxer AND our Liteboxer Membership worry-free. 

Liteboxer 30 day at-home trial

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Liteboxer, you may return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange. 

Pro tip: Learn more about our 30-day trial here

Liteboxer Membership trial

With your purchase, you also have a 30 day free trial of our Liteboxer Membership. This unlocks free unlimited access for 30 days to top-charting music, on-demand trainer classes, and new daily content. 

Pro tip: Learn more about our Liteboxer Membership here.

If you have more questions on assembly, app installation, account setup, or anything else you can head to our Support page, Assembly Guide, or reach out to us directly at

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