How to Set Up Your Own Home Boxing Gym With Liteboxer

How to Set Up Your Own Home Boxing Gym With Liteboxer

Boxing is an addictive full-body exercise that anyone can enjoy no matter your age, gender, or fitness level. It works the full body with the perfect combination of strength and cardio exercise (plus a ton of physical and mental health benefits!). 

But you don’t need a whole boxing ring set up in your living room to get in that fighter shape. It’s a lot easier than you might think to set up your own home boxing gym, especially when using Liteboxer. 

In this blog, we’ll outline exactly how to set up your own home boxing gym with everything from space requirements to boxing equipment to expert training. In no time you’ll be ready to glove up, hit play, and get started. 

Space Requirements

First thing’s first– you need the right space for your at-home boxing gym setup! No worries if you don’t have a lot of room to play around with. Your home boxing gym can be as big or as simple as your space, experience, budget, and interests allow.

How much space do I need for an at-home boxing gym?

You don’t need much room to get in a good boxing workout! With Liteboxer, all you need is enough room for the platform as well as extra space for off-platform activity, such as strength conditioning or yoga. 

Liteboxer has a footprint of 37.6” x 55.5”. We recommend adding 12" of clearance in the front and sides of the platform in case there’s any shift during your workout. (If you purchase the platform extender, this adds 18" to the length of the platform, so you will need to dedicate a bit more space!)

If you’re just starting with shadow boxing, you only need a yoga mat or two of space. (However, make sure you have enough room to throw a few punches and move freely without bumping into or knocking over anything!) 

If you plan on doing any floor work or strength training you'll need even more space (or a full room if you have one!) for your home gym setup. 

Where should I set up?

Now that you know how much space you need, the next step is to find the right location in your home for your boxing gym. This all depends on what space you have available to you and how you plan on using your at-home gym. 

Some ideal locations include the garage, basement, an empty or spare room, or even just a corner of your bedroom. A garage or basement set away from the rest of the house is best for helping keep noise to a minimum.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re installing a floor mat (such as our Liteboxer non-slip mat) if you plan on using weights or practicing sparring off the platform. (It’s also helpful for keeping your platform from shifting during your workout!) The concrete or hardwood flooring of your garage or basement puts a lot of pressure on your joints and could be dangerous when sweaty and wet. 

This location will also need to have an electrical outlet within 4 feet, and ideally should be close to your wireless router. This is to ensure a stable connection when accessing Liteboxer in-app content, such as our trainer workouts.

Boxing Equipment

If you’re new to boxing, keep it simple with your equipment! You can start with shadow boxing in your own home which requires zero equipment and minimal space. But if you’re ready to level up your boxing workout, all you need to get started is our Liteboxer Starter Package which includes the below:


Even if you plan on starting with shadowboxing, gloves are a great must-have piece of boxing equipment. They give extra weight to your punch and help you channel your inner fighter. Plus, if you’re hitting a target like our Liteboxer shield it helps protect your knuckles and wrist from the impact of your accurate hits.

Check out our Liteboxer gloves here.


Boxing wraps also play a major role in protecting your wrists and knuckles from the impact of the punch, without adding too much extra bulk. They are also much easier to clean than your gloves! You’ll notice after a few sweaty boxing workouts without hand wraps that your boxing gloves can get pretty stinky. By using hand wraps, you can both protect your wrist and keep your gloves smelling (somewhat) fresh. 

Check out our Liteboxer hand wraps here


Liteboxer Platform

Next up, you need your Liteboxer platform to practice your force, accuracy, and power. Unlike a heavy bag, the Liteboxer platform gives you access to intelligent tech that syncs lights, music, and tempo to challenge, quantify, and motivate your boxing workout. 

Our patented shield has 6 targets, LED lights, and force sensors detecting and tracking your every move. This creates the physicality, rhythm, and emotion of sparring in a ring with a partner, only you’re able to box from the comfort of your own home. 

By combining this advanced Rhythm Technology™, music, and expert training in one platform you get an engaging full-body boxing workout that beats the boring bag. 

Your Liteboxer also comes with a 30-day free trial because we want you to have the best boxing workout experience, or your money back if you aren’t fully satisfied.

Check out our Liteboxer Starter Package here

Strength and Conditioning Gear

As your experience and interest in boxing continues to grow, you can add more equipment to customize your boxing workout based on your needs and experience level. 

Here are some gear ideas to add to your at-home boxing gym:

  • Resistance bands: Adds resistance to up-level your workouts and incorporate cross-training into your routine. 
  • Jump rope: A boxer’s go-to for speed, agility, cardio, and footwork training. 
  • Cones or speed ladder: Perfect for speed, agility, and quickness training drills. 
  • Yoga mat: Roll out your yoga mat or our Liteboxer non-slip mat for stretching or conditioning floor work such as ab exercises.
  • Recovery tools: A foam roller, recovery ball, or yoga straps are great for any rest and recovery post-workout.  

Expert Training 

You won’t get very far in your at-home boxing gym without expert trainers helping to guide you through a safe and effective boxing workout. Our Liteboxer trainers are world-class athletes and leaders from a variety of disciplines: boxers, professional athletes, and dancers. 

They are here not only to teach you proper boxing form and technique but also to inspire, motivate, and push you to be your very best. This is what takes you to the next level of your workout. 

Instead of shadow boxing solo or aimlessly punching a standing bag you can start building a stronger, faster, and more confident fighter foundation...right in the convenience of your own home.  

So there you have it! All you need to get your at-home boxing gym in action is some space to punch and the motivation to have a good time as you build your fighter foundation. And with the Liteboxer platform and our team of world-class trainers, we can ensure you get the most from your at-home workout. Not sure where to begin? Check out our 10-Step Guide to Getting Started With Liteboxer

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