How to Use Your Liteboxer App [Featuring New App Updates for an Improved Workout Experience!]


We just launched brand new updates to our Liteboxer app for a whole new look and feel and an even better workout experience! To help you navigate the new changes and take full advantage of your Liteboxer platform here’s a quick guide on how to use your Liteboxer app. 

Brand New Liteboxer App Updates

Here are all the new changes you can expect today in your iOS and Android Liteboxer app:

  • Cleaner design and navigation: With an easier-to-navigate layout you can quickly find the right workout for you and get punching! 
  • Double the speed: We’ve doubled the speed and doubled your workout potential with improved performance, enhanced responsiveness, and 50% faster load times.
  • Better Bluetooth connectivity: With our app updates your Bluetooth stays connected for a seamless workout experience. 
  • Helpful guidance: If there’s an issue with your connection or you need help getting set up the app offers prompts and a guided pathway to lead you in the right direction. 
  • Brand new content: We’ve more than doubled our Punch Track volume with new content dropping every single day. That way there’s always something new to try in the app!

It’s thanks to your input and feedback that we’ve made these exciting new changes to our app. And we’re not done yet! We’re always changing and improving, ensuring that your Liteboxer experience is even better year after year. 

For more details on our Liteboxer app updates check out our support article here.

How to Navigate Your Liteboxer App

Ready to dive in and check out the changes? Here’s how you can navigate your Liteboxer app. First, start by downloading your Liteboxer app, if you haven’t already, on Android or iOS and creating an account. For more guidance on how to do this check out our support article here!

After you open your app you’ll notice there are five navigation icons at the bottom of your screen that include:

  • Home
  • Workout
  • Quickplay
  • Profile
  • Settings

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in each one: 


Liteboxer App Home Screen

On the home screen of your Liteboxer app, we’ve added two brand new introductory videos that you can watch at any time! You don’t need to connect to a Liteboxer device. 

These videos are an orientation to Liteboxer giving an overview of how it works, features, and all the different workouts you can try. This is a great place to start if you’re new to Liteboxer or just need a refresher! 



There are five ways to play in your Liteboxer app: 

  1. Trainer classes
  2. Build + Restore
  3. Punch Tracks
  4. Freestyle
  5. Thumboxer 

On the Workout screen of your Liteboxer app, you have access to those first two workout options: Trainer classes and Build + Restore

Here’s what you can expect in each one:

Trainer Classes: Sweat it out with one of our best-in-class trainers for hands-on support and motivation. You can choose a multi-round workout or try a sparring session where your coach is the DJ, leading each combination between songs. In these workouts, we've programmed the lights and music to sync with your trainer’s instructions, so there's no need to watch the screen! Just follow the cues and get lost in the music.

Build + Restore: Take time away from the ring to focus on building that power and strength or relaxing into something a bit more restorative with the below class options:

  • One or two-song warmups
  • Total Body Conditioning
  • Glutes and Abs
  • Stretch and Meditation
  • Restorative Yoga
  • 5 or 10 Min Stretch

For more information on each workout check out our blog post Which Liteboxer Workout Is Best for You?


Liteboxer Quick Play App Screen

The next three ways to play in your Liteboxer app are in Quickplay: 

    1. Trainer classes
    2. Build + Restore
    3. Punch Tracks
    4. Freestyle
    5. Thumboxer 

If you’re short on time or just want to vibe with the music then Quickplay is perfect for you! Here’s what you can expect in each one:

Punch Tracks: Punch Tracks choreograph punches and lights to the beat of a single song. Liteboxer works with the best labels and artists in the game, guaranteeing there is a track for every fighter. Each song has a unique punch combination and three different levels of difficulty, allowing you to choose the right level for your own pace. 

Freestyle: As the name suggests, freestyle is all about feeling free and punching as you please. It’s a great chance to practice your form and flow as you punch it out to your own music and combos. There are no lights to guide you — this is your workout and your time.

Thumboxer: Box it out with your thumbs right on our Liteboxer app! This is just like our Punch Tracks only you’re using your thumbs and you only need the app to play. This is a great option if you’re waiting for your Liteboxer to arrive and want to get some practice and familiarity with the rhythm and timing. 

For more information on each workout check out our blog post Which Liteboxer Workout Is Best for You?


With six targets, 200 LED lights, and force sensors tracking your every move we’re able to measure your progress over time so you know you’re getting stronger and fitter. At the end of your workout, you can check your performance stats right on the Profile screen of your Liteboxer app. 

Here’s how we calculate your score:

  • Good hits: This is how many accurate punches you land across your workout. You know you got an accurate hit when the force sensors light up green! 
  • Streak: This is your consistency or how many good hits you get in a row. No stress if you miss one, you’re only penalized for hitting the wrong shield!
  • Punch strength: This is the average score of how hard you’re hitting ranked from 1-5. Don’t worry if you can’t get a 5, most people average around 2-3.

Use your Profile to challenge yourself, calculate your PR, and rise against the competition inside your community!


Don’t forget to check your settings to make sure everything is running the way you want. There are two key settings to keep in mind:

High Punch Sensitivity: If you notice that you’re throwing punches and they aren’t getting picked up make sure to head into the Settings to switch the toggle on for “High Punch Sensitivity”. This changes how hard you need to hit for your punch to be scored. But if you’re a heavy hitter keep that toggle turned off! 

Southpaw Mode: If you’re right-handed, you’re what’s called an Orthodox boxer. If you’re left-handed, you’re a Southpaw boxer. The default stance is Orthodox in your Liteboxer app so make sure to switch this setting if you’re Southpaw! 

How to Download the Liteboxer App

You’re ready to get started and we’re ready to welcome you to the platform! It’s time to download your Liteboxer app if you haven’t already. Here’s where you go:

If using an iOS device, download the Liteboxer app through Apple's App Store.


If using an Android device, download the current version from Google's Play Store.


For additional questions about our Liteboxer app or how to use it, please visit our Support Page or contact We’ll see you in the ring!

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