Stay Fit While Traveling: 5 Travel Workout Ideas & Equipment

Two Liteboxer Trainers throwing a punch in the middle of the street

If you’re a frequent traveler or always on the go, fitting in a workout routine can be a challenge. Signing up for a gym membership when you’re on the road 50% of the time feels like a waste of money. And you can’t exactly pack dumbbells in your suitcase! 

But just because you’re a frequent traveler doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness goals. With these 5 travel workout tips, you can squeeze a workout into your busy on-the-go routine:

Tip #1: Sweat While You Explore

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, chances are you’re not near your home base. This means there are plenty of new spots to explore. But instead of deciding between being a tourist and getting in a quick sweat, why not do both?

With these active ideas you can explore the area and get in a great workout:

Pushups On The Go

Seek Out Nearby Trails

Lace up the hiking boots and explore some local trails. As you summit steep paths or seek out beautiful views, you’ll be getting in a great cardio workout. On a work trip with little time for activities? Walk around the block or explore a nearby neighborhood in between meetings.

Go for a Run

Turn your new location exploration into a workout by power walking or running your way from one destination to the next. It’s a great way to get in a workout while exploring the area you’re visiting. And it’s a lot more fun than running on your small hotel gym’s treadmill. 

Rent a Bike

You can see even more sites on two wheels rather than two legs. And like running or walking, riding a bike is a great cardiovascular exercise. Depending on where you’re traveling, there might be city bikes to rent. Or you can head to your local bike shop to learn more about their short-term rental rates.

Explore a Local Swimming Hole

For those hotter travel destinations, there’s nothing better than cooling off in a good swimming spot. Pack your goggles and a swimsuit and go for a few laps. 

Find a Local Playground or Park

Playgrounds and parks can quickly double as adult outdoor gyms. Use a picnic bench to rep out some tricep dips or elevated push-ups. Practice box jumps on the playground steps, pull-ups on the monkey bars, or hill sprints in the park. With a little bit of creativity, you’ve got plenty of equipment at your fingertips for a full-body workout.  

Tip #2: Join a Fitness Class or Try a Local Experience

When traveling to a new destination you likely want to experience that local destination. And one of the best ways to do that is to immerse yourself in the culture. 

What can you do in this new place that you can’t do at home? Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Or better yet, what do the locals do for fun?

Taking a class or signing up for a new activity is a great way to stay fit while having an immersive travel experience that you’ll remember forever. 

Here are some great travel workout ideas to try:

  • Take a surfing lesson
  • Sign up for a salsa class
  • Rent a stand-up paddleboard
  • Roll out your yoga mat on the beach
  • Join a local running, hiking, or biking club for the day
  • Or take part in a pickup soccer game with the locals!

Not only will you meet new people, try a new activity, and experience the local culture but you’ll also be getting in a great workout (without ever really feeling like you’re working out!). Which makes it one of the best ways to stay fit while traveling. 

Working Out Outdoors

Tip #3: Pack Portable Workout Equipment

While weight restrictions make it impossible to travel with all your workout gear, you’re not limited to outdoor cardio. There are travel-ready, portable workout equipment options that you can take with you on your adventures: 

Liteboxer Go

Liteboxer Go is an on-the-go portable boxing workout. It features two punch-tracking sensors and two 1lb egg weights that you strap to both wrists.

All you have to do is sync the wrist sensors to your mobile phone or tablet or cast them to a Roku Compatible Smart TV. As you box to the beat of top-charting music, these sensors track your every move and indicate on the device you’re using when you’ve made an accurate hit. 

They’re the perfect travel workout companion because the wrist sensors are only about the size of an AirPods case, allowing for easy transportation and portability. They’re small enough to slip into a purse or beach bag and light enough to pack in your carry-on bag. 

This means that with Liteboxer Go you can work out just about anywhere. So whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work, you can squeeze in a fun and effective shadowboxing workout wherever life takes you.

And for a limited time, you can get Liteboxer Go for free with an Annual or 24-month Membership. Learn more and join today.


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are small and lightweight, making them easy to travel with. Not to mention that they’re also an effective strength training tool. Wrap a resistance band around your foot, a hotel desk, or on the monkey bars at the playground and you can rep out a ton of different strength training exercises like overhead presses, bicep curls, or tricep extensions.

Our Liteboxer Resistance Bands are a great portable workout equipment option. They come with carabiners which are easy to attach to playground or park benches or other sturdy surfaces for an on-the-go workout. Better yet, press play on a Liteboxer Strength Training workout and swap in your resistance bands for an extra challenge.

Liteboxer Resistance Bands

Weightlifting Sandbags

Sandbags are super easy to pack in your travel bag (when they’re not filled with sand of course!). Once you get to your destination you can head to the beach or anywhere with sand or rocks to spare to add weight to your bag. Grab onto the handles or place the sandbag on your shoulders for a weighted strength training routine that you can do just about anywhere. 

Weighted Sand Bags

Jump Rope

Not only is a jump rope light and easy to travel with, but it also just so happens to be a boxer’s best friend. And that’s because jumping rope helps build strength, speed, agility, coordination, balance, and more. Plus, they’re great practice for staying light on your feet. All things that you need in the boxing ring! 

Even if you only have time to jump rope for a few minutes, it’s still a great workout. Or pair jumping rope with some bodyweight strength training exercises for a full workout routine. Either way, it won’t take long until you're elevating your heart rate and building up a sweat. 

Jump Rope

Tip #4: Take an Online or Virtual Workout Class

In today’s digital world, all you really need is a wifi connection to get in a good workout. There’s a whole world wide web of workouts available to you that are only one click away. 

And with new fitness VR options like Liteboxer VR, you can enter a boxing ring or fitness gym without ever leaving your hotel room. In other words, the workout can come to you, no matter where in the world you are. So even if you’re on the go, you’re never really that far from a good workout.

While you can’t exactly take your Liteboxer Floor Stand or Wall Mount with you on your travels, we have other options for the on-the-go fighter:

Liteboxer Strength Training

Build power and strength or relax into something a bit more restorative with our Strength Training workouts. Join a virtual glutes and abs workout, try a meditation or yoga class, or get in a full-body burn with one of our zero equipment total body conditioning workouts. 

Most classes require little to no equipment other than a yoga mat or soft surface, making them the perfect workout solution for travelers. All you need is a Liteboxer Membership!

Liteboxer Trainer Workout

Liteboxer VR

With Liteboxer VR you can enter a virtual boxing ring for a full sensory workout. And if you have room in your bag for a Meta Quest VR headset, then you can take this immersive and interactive workout with you wherever you go. 

It’s like having one of our world-class Trainers on vacation with you, guiding and motivating your every punch as you build technique, power, and confidence. 

Plus, with a freemium subscription, which we call Basic, you get access to a curated selection of 65 free workout options to give you a taste of the Liteboxer VR experience

Liteboxer VR

Liteboxer Go

And for the ultimate travel workout equipment option, there’s Liteboxer Go. It’s designed for travel, making it the best option to squeeze into your checked or carry-on bag. 

And if you’re looking to work out on a budget, it’s also our most affordable option to date. Commit to an annual or 24-mo membership starting at $13.99 / month and get your Liteboxer Go for free.

Liteboxer Go Equipment

Tip #5: Don’t Forget to Plan Ahead

There are plenty of ways to stay active as you’re visiting a new destination. But no matter which option you choose you can set yourself up for success by planning ahead. 

  • Schedule out time for workouts before you jet off to your destination
  • Research nearby parks, trails, or playgrounds
  • Get set up with your Liteboxer Membership before you leave
  • And don’t forget to pack your portable workout equipment!

With enough advanced planning, you’ll be able to tackle your fitness goals while maintaining a busy travel schedule. 

Learn more about Liteboxer Go and join today for the ultimate engaging (and travel-ready!) full-body workout.

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