Let The Beat Build

Let The Beat Build

We all have that one jam that gets us going no matter what terrible mood we’re in: for our trainer Lissa, that's Sicko Mode by Travis Scott and Drake, and Coach Eliza loves Sigala and Missy Elliot. Whatever the genre is that gets you going, there’s one commonality: music makes people more motivated to work out, which is why each LB class is full of energizing songs to keep you punching after that pulse. 

The fact that music motivates people to work out harder is not just a fluke of nature; there’s science to back it up. A 2012 study showed that cyclists who pedaled in time to the music required 7% less oxygen to do the same work as cyclists who did not synchronize their pedal strokes to the beat. Music also helps distract from pain and fatigue, and reduces perceived effort, meaning you can last longer in the ring when you hear your favorite Roddy Rich jam come through the speakers. 

Ready for more science to back up why the beats keep you moving? Research has shown that humans have an innate preference for rhythms at a frequency of 2 hertz, which is equivalent to 120 beats per minute, aka bpms. (A couple of our favorite 120 bpm songs include “Sugar” by Maroon Five and “Juice - Breakbot Mix” by Lizzo).

You can search Spotify for playlists organized by certain bpms, and there are plenty of apps out there such as Songza and jog.fm that provide playlists full of songs that match the pace your striving for. Luckily for you, we’ve done that work for you, and each LB class is driven by your favorite hip hop, pop, and dance-remixes. You can also select the song you want to box to in our app. Try on different genres, playlists, and coaches to see what style of music gets your heart rate pumping and your endurance up! We’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Gloves on, volume up, let’s do this. 

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