Liteboxer Trainer Spotlight: Jill Barger

Liteboxer Trainer Jill Barger

Meet Jill Barger, a Brooklynette dancer for the NBA Brooklyn Nets team with over four years of boxing and personal training experience. Known for her contagious confidence and sassy personality, Jill knows how to level up your workout one punch at a time. Get to know Jill and where you can sweat it out with her in your next trainer class. 

Quick facts about Jill

Favorite Liteboxer workout: 30-minute Hip Hop

“30-minute hip hop really gets me into the fighter mindset. I love that. I go so hard!”

Favorite Liteboxer song to workout to: “Day 'N' Nite (Martin Jensen Edit)” by Stefy De Cicco and Ben Hamilton

“I love to sing and dance when I’m working out. It can literally be anything. I love the Spanish vibes and remixes of the best hits.”

Boxing inspiration: “Muhammad Ali”

Favorite boxing advice: “One punch at a time! Defense is just as important.”

Favorite way to cross-train: “I love dancing and pilates!”

What’s one thing you are looking forward to this year? “I can’t wait to watch Liteboxer take over the world!”

Get to know Jill

Jill Barger was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee with big dreams to be a superstar in New York City. Right after high school, Jill moved to the city after making the NBA Brooklynettes team at the age of 18. Today, Jill is five seasons into making her dreams a reality. 


During the NBA off-season, Jill began boxing when Gotham Gym, an NYC boxing studio, needed a new group fitness trainer and Jill stepped up to the challenge. 

 “I knew nothing about boxing, but I showed up with confidence. They saw my potential and trained me professionally for group fitness and one on one boxing coaching. I knew from that day on this is something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” 

 Her dance background made the movement in boxing feel like second nature and it was love at first punch. She went on to become a founding trainer at GRIT Bxing and now is part of the Liteboxer family as one of our newest trainers! 

 “Boxing to me is like dancing. Anyone can box. I love the confidence that boxing has given me. Once you find your rhythm no one can stop you. Your body will move how and when it’s supposed to. Boxing is so powerful for your mind and your body.”

What to expect in Jill’s classes

Between dancing and personal training, Jill knows how to pump up the energy while drilling you in both strength and endurance. In her class Jill wants you to find your confidence and get lost in the music every single time. According to Jill, you’ll leave class feeling like “a jillion bucks”. 

“I want you to feel confident in what you just did. I want you to be proud of yourself for choosing to work out no matter if it was for 10 minutes or 40 minutes. Every minute counts.” 



And Jill does make every minute of class count. Her energy encourages you to light up the ring with a beat-driven boxing experience that maximizes your performance and boosts your confidence. 

“I lead my class through confidence. I want you to look in the mirror and feel so good about the work you are putting in. The way I dance around with such positive energy it will be hard not to have fun. I am a little sassy.. but in the best way. Once you choose to step into the ring we are going all in. I’m not giving you any other option.”

When the music, lights, and Jill’s contagious energy come together you will have an experience like never before. As Jill says, “Liteboxer is going to take over the fitness world. Once you start you won’t want to stop!”

How to box with Jill

Bring on the high energy and the sass with Jill in your next trainer class. She’ll teach you how to move to the music, build your confidence, and get lost in the punches. Here are some of Jill’s classes that you can punch to today in your Liteboxer app

  • 3 Song Sparring Session Alt Pop with Jill 
  • 10 min Glutes and Abs Beginner with Jill

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