Liteboxer Workouts: Strength Training

Liteboxer Workouts: Strength Training

Strength Training (previously called “Build + Restore”) classes involve our Trainers helping you take time away from the ring to focus on building power and strength, or relaxing into something a bit more restorative. They include warmup and stretching classes, restorative and power yoga, total body conditioning, and more.

Learn more as we dive into all there is to know about our Strength Training classes. 

What are Strength Training Classes?

No need to put on your boxing gloves for these classes because they are all about stepping away from your Liteshield to build more power, strength, and mobility on the mat. Strength Training classes are perfect for a quick warm-up or cool-down routine to assist in the recovery process or for a full standalone workout to complement Trainer Classes, Sparring Sessions, and Punch Tracks.

How it works: 

It’s hard work holding that core nice and tight in your boxer stance or using your lower body to power your punches! That’s why Liteboxer offers more than just boxing workouts. Head to the “Workout” tab on the bottom navigation bar of your Liteboxer app to explore all your workout options, including Strength Training.

What to choose

You have a wide variety of Strength Training classes to choose from. Options include one or two-song warm-ups, stretching cool-downs, glutes + abs, stretch + meditation, total body conditioning, and yoga. 

Best-in-class Trainers: 

Strength Training classes are led by our best-in-class Trainers. Our Trainers have years of fitness experience and come from a variety of backgrounds including boxing, physical therapy, dancing, and careers as professional athletes. With these pros, you can get some of the best total body fitness instruction around, leaving you more agile, stronger, and more confident. 

The importance of rest and recovery:

When you train hard, you need to recover hard. That’s because the body rebuilds, restores, and repairs itself from the stress of your most recent workout during rest and recovery. That recovery is key to keeping your body healthy, to helping you reach your goals, and to minimizing the risk of injury along the way. Use our Strength Training classes to build rest and active recovery into your workout routine.

Strength Training Class Options

Ready to get started? Here are all the different ways you can sweat it out or stretch it out with our Trainers in a Strength Training class:


Trainer Jill Warmup

Before you start a high-intensity Liteboxer workout it’s always a good idea to press play on a one- or two-song warmup. These warmup workouts are 5-minute lower-intensity versions of a Liteboxer workout. 

Warmups help to activate your muscles, elevate your heart rate, and get your body ready for the intensity of an upcoming Trainer Class, Sparring Session, or Punch Track. By increasing blood flow to your muscles before you ramp up the intensity, your body is far more prepared for what’s to come, making you less prone to injury. 

Expect a focus on mobility and strength (and maybe even some squats!) to get you ready for your workout. Or, if you’re short on time, warmups are also an easy way to get in a quick sweat on a busy day. 

One- or two-song stretch

Trainer Mary 2-Song Stretch

While warmups get you ready for a workout, one- or two-song stretches help you cool down, stretch, and recover from a workout. These 5-minute classes assist in the recovery process by bringing your heart rate down a notch and helping to increase the range of motion in your joints.

In each class, expect to target the muscle groups you use in boxing workouts, including your glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads, spine, shoulders, and hip flexors. Stretches include cat/cows, upward-facing dog, forward folds, malasana squats, shoulder rolls, quad stretches, and more. 

While you can take these stretch classes at any time, we recommend joining them when your muscles are nice and warm post-workout.

Glutes + Abs

Trainer Chris Glutes + Abs

These classes are guaranteed to target your core and butt with glute-activating and ab-tightening workouts. Classes range from 5-20 minutes and feature exercises like glute bridges, sit-ups, planks, clamshells, donkey kicks, squats, and more. Expect a lot of holds and repetition to target those glute and ab muscles. 

After all, it’s only with maximum effort that we get maximum results. By working your abs and glutes in these classes you can strengthen your punches to produce more powerful uppercuts, jabs, and crosses. 

Stretch + Meditation

Trainer Kris Stretch + Meditation

New to meditation? Don’t worry, because in these classes, our Trainers guide you through meditation step-by-step while creating a welcoming space for all levels. Each class is around 10 minutes and focuses on breathing and centering your mind on the present moment. 

You’ll start with a little bit of moving meditation or yoga with a focus on stretches like backbends, side body stretches, and/or mini sun salutations. Then, you'll spend the rest of the class in seated meditation, where you can take some time to come back to your breath and relax your mind.

Total Body Conditioning

Trainer Max Total Body Conditioning

Get your heart rate up with both upper and lower body conditioning in our total body conditioning workouts. In these classes, you’ll rep out rounds of both cardio and strength-based exercises like lunges, push-ups, bicep curls, high knees, power jacks, skater hops, and more. 

Classes range from 10-30 minutes with the goal of getting your body boxing-ready. You’ll engage all the major muscles you need in the ring, including your lats, core, deltoids, biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings, and more. 


Trainer Kris Yoga

While yoga and boxing might seem like polar opposites, they're actually far more complementary than you might realize. A yoga practice builds strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness—skills that directly translate to boxing. 

That’s why we offer a range of yoga class options, including Power Yoga, Yoga Flow, and Restorative Yoga. In each of these class options, our Trainers get you on the mat for around 20 minutes of intentional movement and breathing. 

In power yoga and yoga flow, you’ll build the heat as you challenge your strength with lunges, planks, and warrior poses. In restorative yoga, you’ll hold poses a little longer so you can relax with each breath. No matter what yoga class you choose, you’ll move with intention as you focus on building a more solid fighter foundation. 

There are 50+ Strength Training workouts available with a Liteboxer Membership and new Trainer Class, Sparring Session, and Punch Track workouts are added daily. Get ready to build power, strength, mobility, and confidence. Learn more about a Liteboxer Membership for your Wall Mount or Floor Stand, or check out Liteboxer VR.

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