Liteboxer Workouts: Trainer Classes

Liteboxer Workouts: Trainer Classes

Improve your form, find your limits, and get hands-on support and motivation with over 300+ of Liteboxer’s multi-level Trainer Classes. Each class features professional trainer instruction, top-charting music, and endless options to sweat it out both on and off the platform. 

Looking to improve your boxing form, build strength, or find your rhythm and flow? Hit play on a trainer class today.

Learn more as we dive into all there is to know about our Trainer Classes. And get started today with your Liteboxer Membership, where you can join these best-in-class trainers right on the Liteboxer app.

What Are Trainer Classes?

Trainer Classes are your chance to sweat it out with one of our world-class trainers to multi-round Trainer Classes, Sparring Sessions, or Build + Restore strength conditioning and restorative classes. It’s like having a personal trainer right in your living room, coaching you on correct boxing form and technique while pushing you to never give up the fight. 

How it works: In these workouts, we've programmed the LED lights and music to sync with your trainer’s instructions. All you have to do is listen to their cues, follow the lights, and get lost in the music. After your workout is complete, you can view your force, timing, and accuracy metrics in the Liteboxer app. By tracking your progress and pushing for that personal best, you can get stronger with every class. 

Increase the difficulty: Classes range from beginner to advanced, with options for every fighter. 

What to choose: Whether you’re looking for a quick 5-minute sweat or a 45-minute burner, we’ve got the class for you. In your Liteboxer app, you can find 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 45-minute workouts, ensuring there’s a class for every schedule. Short on time? No problem, turn on one of our 10-minute Express classes or 2-song sparring sessions. 

Best-in-class trainers: Our trainers have years of fitness experience and come from a variety of backgrounds including boxing, careers as professional athletes, and dancing. With these pros, you can get some of the best total body fitness instruction leaving you more agile, stronger, and confident. Instead of a lonely boxing match with a stationary sandbag, our professional trainers are right there in your room calling out instructions and encouragement as you strike down the punch pad’s lit-up force sensors.

Ready to hit play? Here are all the different ways you can sweat it out with our trainers:

Trainer Classes

In these classes, our trainers lead you through rounds of boxing on Liteboxer, interspersed with cardio and strength training exercises such as lunges, squats, skater hops, or movements using resistance bands. Trainers also incorporate active recovery warm-up and cool-down stretches, ensuring you get a full workout from start to finish. 

Throughout class expect a focus on boxing technique, proper form, and the opportunity for plenty of modifications. These workouts build your strength, cardio endurance, and mental acuity while leveling up your boxing skills. 

Sparring Sessions

Sparring sessions are where you can step into the ring with your favorite trainers and punch it out to our top music hits of all genres. In these classes your trainer is the DJ, walking you through different punch combinations before you box on your own to the beat of the music. 

These are great for learning boxing techniques in a programmed punch sequence that combines the best of Punch Tracks with Trainer Classes. You have options for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 song sparring sessions so you can pick the workout duration and type of music that’s right for you. 

Build + Restore

It’s hard work holding your core tight in your boxing stance and using your lower body to power your punches. That’s why Liteboxer offers more than just boxing workouts. 

In Build + Restore classes our trainers help you take time away from the ring to focus on building power and strength or relaxing into something a bit more restorative. Class options include: 

  • One or two-song warmups
  • Total Body Conditioning
  • Glutes and Abs
  • Stretch and Meditation
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Stretch

These classes will get you ready to step into the ring with more power, strength, and mobility. 

Classes for Every Fighter

Here are some of today’s top-rated Trainer Classes, with options for every fighter from beginner to advanced. Unlock unlimited access to these classes and more with a Liteboxer Membership.


Make sure to start on the Home screen of your Liteboxer app with our Intro to Liteboxer, Liteboxer Technique, and Intro to Trainer Classes introductory videos. These offer a great orientation to Liteboxer so you know exactly what to expect before you dive into your first workout.

Once you’re ready to get punching, head over to Chris’s 15-minute Hip Hop First Time Beginner class. This is for our fighters stepping into the ring and hitting the shield for the very first time. Chris breaks everything down, including how to follow the lights and where to throw every punch.

Check out our other great beginner class options:

  • Chris 15 min Hip Hop First Time Beginner (start here first!)
      • Myles – 10-minute Express Hip Hop Beginner
      • Jill – 10-minute Glutes and Abs Beginner
      • Dillon – 15-minute Mixtape Beginner
      • Jill – 3-song Sparring Session Reggae Remixes
  • GW – 3 Song Sparring Session Hip Hop Beginner
    • Anthony – 15-minute Nu Metal Beginner
    • Kristi – 20-minute Glutes and Abs Beginner


    Once you’re feeling more confident in the ring and ready to turn up the heat, you can try one of our intermediate classes:

    • Chris – 30-minute EDM
    • Max – 20-minute Classic Rock
    • Dillon – 3-song Sparring Session Disco
    • Mary – 10-minute Express Mixtape
    • Lissa – 4-song Sparring Session Old School vs. New School Hip Hop
    • Kris – 20-minute Power Yoga Hip Hop
    • Anthony – 20-minute Total Body Conditioning


    In our Advanced classes get ready to sweat as the runway lights travel at a faster frequency to increase the difficulty and our trainers call out longer punch combos. These are great Advanced classes to try for our more experienced boxers or for those looking for a challenge:

    • Mary – 4-song Sparring Session 90’s Hip Hop Advanced
    • Myles – 2-song Sparring Session Hard Rock Advanced
    • Chris – 30-minute Mixtape Advanced
    • Jill – 10-minute Express Hip Hop Advanced
    • Chris – 10-minute Glutes and Abs Advanced 
    • Anthony – 15-minute EDM Advanced

    Meet Your Liteboxer Trainers

    So, who are these best-in-class trainers leading your workouts? Learn more about each of our athletes and leaders, then check out some of their classes right on your Liteboxer app today:



    With 20+ years in the ring, as well as on the pitch, this boxer turned pro soccer athlete is here to WIN. Anthony’s unique combination of strength, agility, and mindfulness make him an effective trainer who'll push you while working out right along with you. 

    Learn more about your Trainer Anthony



    Cue the music. Chris Vo is stepping into the ring. What should you expect? Speed, entertainment, fun, and making lots of progress. Chris’ skill as a performer is matched by his prowess in cueing, targeted strengthening, and technique. Great playlist? Check. Great workout? Check. Heart and soul? Check.

    Learn more about your Trainer Chris



    Pep. Pizazz. Tacos. Yup, that’s Dillon. When you step in the ring with Dillon her energy and drive will immediately shake off even the most stressful day. She will mesmerize you with her punch combos, her humor, and her radiating energy. But don’t let the lightness fool you. Dillon’s expertise ranges from physical therapy to pole dancing which will ensure your time in the ring will always make you better, physically and mentally.

    Learn more about your Trainer Dillon



    Schooled in MMA, boxing, and Muay Thai, GW brings credibility to the Liteboxer ring. He took up boxing to protect himself from bullying as a kid and his passion grew as he moved from student to competitor, then competitor to teacher. With classes ranging from beginner to expert, GW seeks to share the grit, edge, and confidence boxing gave him during an important time in his life.

    Learn more about your Trainer GW



    Jill left Tennessee for New York at age 17 to follow her dreams. A dancer, her mom told her she should try out to be a Nets Dancer upon arriving in the city. And that’s what she became. Jill added boxing training and teaching to her routine shortly after arriving in the city. Musicality, grit, humor, and groove differentiate Jill’s leadership in the Liteboxer ring. She is manifesting her destiny and so will you.

    Learn more about your Trainer Jill



    Every fighter needs time to recover to counteract fatigue and stretch what you've strengthened. Kris’ yoga programming on Liteboxer serves as a fighter’s recovery both physically and mentally. Kris brings grit and beauty to the Liteboxer ring with her anatomically focused sequences that are just the right length and depth to make you a better fighter each week.

    Learn more about your Trainer Kris



    BIG energy. When you step into the ring with Lissa you won’t be sure if you’re dancing or boxing. Her mesmerizing combos, sleek movements, and boss power make time melt away. Lissa doesn’t take herself too seriously and neither will you, so you’ll barely notice the sweat dripping as you get stronger, faster, and fitter.

    Learn more about your Trainer Lissa



    What do you get when you combine an athlete, mom, immigrant, and unmatched leader? You get Mary O and her special flavor of badass. Mary brings agility, speed, strength, and grace to the Liteboxer ring. A curious learner herself, she will tap into your aspirations and expand your magnitude of possibility while sculpting your legs, biceps, triceps, calves, and everything in between.

    Learn more about your Trainer Mary



    Max understands the power of cross-training. A competitive triathlete, Max uses boxing as a means to enhance his speed, agility, and mental edge. As a Liteboxer trainer, Max will draw you into the ring and make you a better all-around athlete, focusing on your punch combinations, power, and strength work.

    Learn more about your Trainer Max



    Take Michael Jackson, Prince, Bon Jovi, and Drake. Put them in a blender and out pours Myles - teemed with energy, style, and swagger. A musical artist harnessing energy and creativity, combined with deep empathy built from being the younger brother to 4 sisters. Myles brings support and inspiration to the Liteboxer ring. Tune in, press play, and sink into Myles’ enchanting energy.

    Learn more about your Trainer Myles

    Take a class with one (or all!) of these best-in-class trainers right in your Liteboxer app. We’ve got plenty of Trainer Class options to choose from so turn up the volume, elevate your workout, and get your heart rate pumping. Learn more about Liteboxer Membership and get started today.

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