Tracking Performance and Results with Liteboxer

Tracking Performance and Results with Liteboxer

Liteboxer isn’t just another heavy bag. With six targets, 200 LED lights, and force sensors tracking your every move, we’re not only able to deliver a powerful workout but we’re also measuring your progress over time. You can set targeted goals, challenge others, and know that you’re getting stronger and fitter with our real-time results. 

But how exactly do we measure your progress? Let’s dive into our performance tracking and results to find out…

Real-Time Results

During your workout you’ll notice there are three metrics we’re tracking in real-time throughout the class: 

  • Good hits: This is how many accurate punches you throw during your workout by punching the right target at the right time. You know you got an accurate hit when the LEDs around the punch pad light up green. If you hit the wrong target, or hit the target too early or too late, the lights flash red and you will break your streak.
  • Streaks: This is your consistency or how many good hits you get in a row. When you’re in the flow you can bring in a high streak score. Hitting the wrong sensor or missing the beat throws off your streak. 
  • Force Ratings: This is the average score of how hard you’re hitting during class ranked from 1-5. Most fighters come in around 2-3.

Calculating Your Score

Your total score is a combination of how you perform across all three categories. 

The highest score you can receive is 10,000. Here’s a breakdown of how heavily each category weighs into that score: 

  • Number of Good Hits: 60%
  • Longest Streak: 20%
  • Average Force: 20% 

We combine the number of good hits you get throughout the class with your longest streak score and average force ranking to get your final score. But instead of focusing on this “perfect score” focus on beating your score and punching towards that personal best. 

Your Performance Dashboard

At the end of your workout, you can check your score and other performance stats right on the Profile screen of the Liteboxer app including: 

  • Activity: Keep track of your time spent both on and off the platform and see the results of all your latest workouts. 
  • Personal best: We’ll highlight your personal best workout so you can keep track of the next score to beat.
  • Punches this week: How many punches you’ve thrown across the week.
  • Weekly punch goal: Shows progress towards your weekly punch goal, which runs from Monday through Sunday. 

Use your performance dashboard to track your progress over time so you can see how much you improve and challenge yourself to do even better (or beat your personal best!) next time. And with over 100+ classes in the app and new ones dropping daily, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish or how much you can improve upon your score.

Liteboxer App Workout History with Good Hits and Scores

Compete With Friends

Your performance dashboard is not just a great way to calculate your personal best as you challenge and motivate yourself. You can also build some friendly competition with your family and friends! 

With a Liteboxer Membership, anyone who uses your Liteboxer can hop on, create a profile, and take advantage of unlimited access to best-in-class trainer classes and top-charting Punch Tracks. 

With different profiles, you can compare your performance metrics with friends or play back-to-back Punch Tracks to see who gets the highest score. Give it your all in the fight and compete to see who’s really king or queen of the ring in your family or friend group. 

Ready to level up your workout? Purchase Liteboxer today and download the App on iOS or Android to get your fitness journey started with access to hundreds of Liteboxer classes.

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