Workout With Liteboxer: 6-Day Punch-Out [Week of April 25]

Workout With Liteboxer: 6-Day Punch-Out [Week of April 25]

How to workout with Liteboxer this week

We’re launching a new 6-Day Punch-Out or six days of carefully selected Liteboxer workouts for all fighters every week. With so many options to choose from in the Liteboxer app, we wanted to share with you the flows we were feeling the most each week. 

With our 6-day Punch-Out, you can get the most out of Liteboxer and our best-in-class trainers. Each week features a different combination of Liteboxer classes, trainers, and music. But you can always expect a focus on boxing form, total body conditioning, endurance training, as well as some relaxing restorative.  

Whether you follow along with us or you choose the Liteboxer workout that is best for you,  tag us at #Liteboxer to join the community online as we punch it out together each week. 

Ready for the challenge? Here’s your full week of workouts for the week of April 25: 

🥊 Monday: 15-Minute Beginner Hip-Hop With GW

Consider this your warm-up for the week as GW keeps you moving both on and off the platform with this 15-minute burner. You’ll start with an overview of the six signature punches. Then, GW will bring you right into the workout with some shadowboxing, endurance exercises, core work, and boxing drills. GW likes to work on the beat, and there’s no shortage of that in this class as you sync your punches to 2Chainz, Quality Control, City Girls, Joe Budden, Nelly, and Snoop Dogg. 

🎵 Tuesday: 4 Song Sparring Session Mixtape With Lissa

Lissa will keep your energy high as you sweat it out on Tuesday with this 4-song sparring session. Sparring is all about losing yourself in the music as you choreograph your punches to the beat. With this lineup of artists you’ll have an easy time bringing that confidence and movement into the ring:

  • “Good Form” by Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne
  • “Get Low (Kuuro Remix)” by Zedd & Liam Payne
  • “Down On Me” by Jeremih feat. 50 Cent
  • “Born to Rage (USA Version)” by Dada Life

🥊 Wednesday: 30-Minute Advanced With Mary 

Level up your boxing skills this Wednesday by challenging yourself to an Advanced boxing workout with Mary! In this class, expect to build up your self-confidence and power with music from hip hop to trip-hop featuring artists such as Pop Smoke, Fabolous, Massive Attack, The Weeknd, and Sam Smith. As an advanced class, Mary challenges you with strength, speed, and agility work. But she also knows how to slow it down so you can focus on good form in the ring. 

🍑 Thursday: 5-Minute Glutes and Abs With Maxie

Squeeze in five jam-packed minutes of glutes and abs with Maxie on Thursday! It might only be a 5-minute class but you’ll be amazed at how sore you’ll feel after you finish. From jump squats to plank holds to sit-ups you’ll be working hard the whole time and using the EDM beat drops to power you through the reps. As the music builds, you build. Definitely don’t skip this one! Strong abs and glutes are crucial to boxing, giving you a strong base so you can deliver explosive power for longer in the ring. 

🥊 Friday: 30-Minute Hip-Hop With Myles 

There’s no better way to end the work week than with Myles punching it out to the music of hip hop artists such as Jeremih, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, DMX, YG, and Nelly. This workout is guaranteed to make you sweat as Myles challenges you to find your swag, pace, and rhythm both on and off the platform. Expect to have fun while focusing on your form and conditioning your full body with exercises like mountain climbers, crunches, and squats between punch sets. 

🧘 Saturday: 20-Minute Restorative Yoga With Kris

Time for some namaste after a tough week! Wind down with Kris as she walks you through restorative yoga poses targeting some of the muscles you used in the ring this week, such as your hip flexors, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, and back. This slow flow of twists and stretches is the perfect reset button after a long week. Plus, it helps reduce your risk of injury so you can get back in the ring stronger and faster. 

Gloves on, volume up, let’s do this! Tag us at @Liteboxer with the #Liteboxer hashtag or drop a comment below to let us know how the week goes!

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