Meet Anthony

20+ years in the ring, as well as on the pitch, this boxer turned pro soccer athlete is here to WIN. Anthony’s unique combination of strength, agility, and mindfulness make him an effective trainer in the ring who will push you all the while working out right along with you. Growing up in New Jersey, Anthony found boxing by following a friend to the ring as an after school activity. Boxing taught Anthony about speed, strategy, quick decisions, and performance. He’s gone on to apply these learnings in every facet of his life.

"Foundation First. My biggest strength as a coach that I can give to clients, and athletes is the ability to “break down the bare bones”

What do you love most about boxing?

The connection. Every single punch has layers upon layers of depth. Tempo, power, accuracy are a few words you hear inside the ring, that connect to you outside in real life as well. One huge reason that I love boxing so much is because it taught me that life may throw a TON of punches at you, but how you treat them is what ultimately makes you a champion.

Favorite music genre to do workouts to?

Rap/Trap remixes. Give me any type of Lil Wayne, or Nas remix and I am in.


Check out some of Anthony's favorite songs to sweat to.