Meet Chris

Cue the music. Chris Vo is stepping into the ring. What should you expect? Speed, entertainment, fun and progress! Chris’ skill as a performer is matched by his prowess in cueing, targeted strengthening, and technique. Great playlist? Check. Great workout? Check. Heart and soul? Covered.

"I love the combination of mental endurance / fortitude and physical challenge when boxing. Especially when paired with music—the cathartic feeling is unparalleled."

How did you get into the fitness industry/boxing?

I’ve always been dedicated to enriching the world through movement and have been beat-driven ever since I can remember. The moment I stepped foot into a fitness studio, I knew that teaching fitness would be part of my fabric. I got into kickboxing through Ilaria Montagnani, creator of Powerstrike Kickboxing, and have since become a Powerstrike instructor. Also, I performed in a production of KUNG FU where I had the privilege of studying Wing Chun and have furthered my training in martial arts, including boxing, whenever I get the chance. I’ve been part of the launch team of multiple martial arts-based signature classes at Equinox.

How do you describe your training style?

Beat-driven, positive, motivational.


Check out some of Chris' favorite songs to sweat to.