Meet GW

Schooled in MMA, boxing, and Muai Thai, GW brings credibility to the Liteboxer ring. He took up boxing to protect himself from bullying as a kid. His passion grew as he moved from student to competitor, then competitor to teacher. With classes ranging from beginner to expert, GW seeks to share the grit, edge, and confidence boxing gave him during an important time in his life.

"Liteboxer is the most unexpected blessing of my life, an opportunity to combine my two passions for Music and Boxing. It was like a dream come to fruition."

How did you get into the fitness and boxing industry?

I’ve been boxing since I was around 10 years old, I grew up in a rough neighborhood and I had to learn how to defend myself so I wouldn't get bullied. Boxing was my first discipline and later I took up Wrestling and Kenpo.

What do you love most about boxing?

I love the mental clarity and confidence that I get after a great boxing workout. I feel stronger, more agile, and it’s such a great stress reliever. It has taught me patience and understanding not only in myself but those around me. I sleep better, I’m more alert and have increased stamina.


Check out some of GW's favorite songs to sweat to.