Meet Jill

Jill left Tennessee for New York at age 17 to follow her dreams. A dancer, her mom told her she should try out to be a Nets Dancer upon arriving in the city. And that’s what she became. Jill added boxing training and teaching to her routine shortly after arriving in the city. Musicality, grit, humor, and groove differentiate Jill’s leadership in the Liteboxer ring. She is manifesting her destiny and so will you.

"Boxing to me is like dancing. Anyone can box. I love the confidence that boxing has given me. Once you find your rhythm no one can stop you."

How do you describe your workout styles?

I lead class through confidence. I want you to look in the mirror and feel so good about the work you are putting in. The way I dance around with such positive energy it will be hard not to have fun. I am a little sassy.. but In the best way. Once you make the choice to step into the ring we are going all in. I’m not giving you any other option - all love though! Don’t worry ;)

What are your greatest hopes for Liteboxer's impact?

I want this to help people more than just physically. I want people to find confidence in themselves and get lost in the music every single day.


Check out some of Jill's favorite songs to sweat to.