Meet Mary

What do you get when you combine an athlete, mom, immigrant, and unmatched leader? You get Mary O and her special flavor of badass. Mary brings agility, speed, strength, and grace to the Liteboxer ring. A curious learner herself, she will tap into your aspirations and expand your magnitude of possibility while sculpting your legs, biceps, triceps, calves, and everything in between.

"Train your body. Train your mind. I believe that your mental strength is directly connected to your physical strength and that they have a direct relationship."

How did you get into the fitness and boxing industry?

My fitness career started as a personal trainer while in college and eventually crossed over to group fitness a few years later. I was inspired to teach kickboxing through Tae Bo videos and watching other amazing instructors teach at my gym. I loved the music, intensity and rhythmic aspect of it. I got my boxing certification and eventually started teaching a few classes a week.

How do you describe your training style?

What I love most about boxing is that it’s empowering and accessible. Whether you do contact or non-contact, musically driven or just sparring, 10 years old or 80 years old, there is space for everyone. You will always come out feeling stronger after a workout.


Check out some of Mary's favorite songs to sweat to.