Meet Max

Max understands the power of cross training. A competitive triathlete, Max uses boxing as a means to enhance his speed, agility, and mental edge. As a Liteboxer trainer Max will draw you into the ring and make you a better all around athlete, focusing on your punch combinations, power, and strength work.

"I love that boxing has no barriers other than a poor mindset. Anyone can wrap up, glove up, and step in ‘the ring’ -- especially at Liteboxer."

Why are you excited for Liteboxer?

I am so excited for Liteboxer because it’s revolutionary! It’s both fitness and fun -- all in one! -- and it has the potential to reach such diverse populations because of the various applications it has. I truly believe that Liteboxer is stepping into a “ring” of its own and creating a paradigm shift in what at-home fitness (and fitness equipment for that matter) look like, feel like, and how we as consumers interact with them.

Favorite music genre to do workouts to?

I can literally workout to anything -- hip hop, pop, country, EDM, alternative. But, if I had to pick one genre it would be pop/top hits.


Check out some of Max's favorite songs to sweat to.