Meet Myles

Take Michael Jackson, Prince, Bon Jovi, and Drake. Put them in a blender and out pours Myles - teemed with energy, style, and swagger. A musical artist harnessing energy and creativity, combined with deep empathy built from being the younger brother to 4 sisters. Myles brings support and inspiration to the Liteboxer ring. Tune in, press play, and sink into Myles’ enchanting energy.

I love the technique of boxing. I love the strategies. The mind behind it.

How did you get into the fitness industry/boxing?

Like most people, I found it really hard to get active and enjoy the gym! Until I had a friend who taught me how to box. He would hold mitts for me and teach me proper technique. He told me in order to have more power in my punches, I should start lifting weights. I was also put through speed drills to become quicker with my combos.

Any tips for new boxers?

Learn to use your feet. Your power is all in your legs.


Check out some of Myles' favorite songs to sweat to.