New in the App: Challenge Your Friends to a Liteboxer Match

New in the App: Challenge Your Friends to a Liteboxer Match

Are you hooked on beating your high score? Do you challenge your friends to Liteboxer workouts and then check the Leaderboards to make sure no one takes your top spot? 

If this sounds like you then get ready because we’ve turned up the competitive dial with our latest feature called Liteboxer Matches, live in the Liteboxer app starting January 6. 

This update makes head-to-head competition with friends easier than ever (and more fun!). Think you’ve got what it takes to be the best in the ring? Now’s your chance to prove it. 

Liteboxer Matches: How do they work?

With Liteboxer Matches you can challenge other Liteboxer community members to a head-to-head battle right in the Liteboxer app. 

Here’s how you do it: 

  1. Complete any Punch Track, Trainer Class, or Sparring Session workout
  2. After your workout finishes, click the “Create a Match” button 
  3. Challenge any of the fellow Liteboxers you follow to compete against your high score in a Match by clicking the icon next to their username 
  4. After selecting all the fighters you want to challenge (you can challenge as many as you’d like!), click “Send Matches” to initiate the Match request
  5. Your fellow fighter completes the same workout and tries to beat your high score
  6. Head to the “Challenges” tab on the bottom navigation bar of your Liteboxer app to view the results. You can also see where you landed on the Liteboxer community-wide Leaderboard for that workout too.

Let the best boxer win!

How to start a match

How do I know if I’ve been challenged to a Match?

You can view all of your Matches and their results in the “Challenges” tab on the bottom navigation bar of your Liteboxer app. Within this screen, you can toggle between your “Active” and “Completed” Matches. All new Matches will pop up in your “Active” tab and feature an orange notification dot. 

How to know if you've been challenged to a match

Do Matches expire? 

Yes, Matches expire in 7 days. So make sure you’re regularly checking the “Challenges” tab for updates and completing any new Matches quickly before time runs out. 

Can I challenge friends to a Liteboxer Match with any workout?

You can only initiate a Liteboxer Match with a Punch Track, Trainer Class, or Sparring Session you just finished, not a previous class in your workout history. 

Can I challenge anyone in the Liteboxer community?

You can challenge anyone you’re following to beat your score in a Match. Just make sure you’re following the fighter you want to challenge so they appear as an option when you create a Match. 

How do I follow someone?

Follow fighters by selecting the “Follow” icon on Leaderboards or by searching for a username from your Profile within Followers. 

Ready to compete in your first Match? Start a workout today and challenge your friends to see who’s really King or Queen of the ring. And check back on our blog The Ring for even more exciting updates and announcements coming soon! 

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