New in the App: Build Your Own Playlist

New in the App: Build Your Own Playlist

Not only are there now more Punch Track options to choose from, but with our Playlist Builder update, there are even more ways to customize your workout. 

Read on to learn more about our brand-new Playlist Builder feature that lets you customize your workout experience:

Playlist Builder: Customize Your Workout 

Starting October 10, anyone with a Liteboxer Go, Floor Stand, and Wall Mount premium membership can create their own custom workout playlists. And this is also a feature available for Liteboxer VR premium members

What are Playlists?

With Playlists, you can mix and match any Liteboxer class type for a seamless workout that auto-plays from one to the next without having to dig through the app. 

To customize the ultimate workout playlist, all you have to do is:

  1. Select your favorite workouts (choose any workout like Sparring Sessions, Trainer Classes, Punch Tracks, or Strength Training classes)
  2. Add them to a playlist
  3. Position them in the perfect order
  4. Name your playlist
  5. Press save 

For example, you could build a playlist that starts with two Punch Tracks to warm up, then a 15-minute Trainer Class, and finish with a 5-minute cool-down to stretch. With Playlists, classes automatically advance from one workout to the next making it easier and faster to get in a good sweat. 

You can create as many Playlists as you like! Once you create, save, and name your Playlist you can find it right in the Workouts tab of your Liteboxer app.

Playlist builder feature on Liteboxer VR

How to Customize Your Workout With Playlists

There are so many ways to make custom playlists work for you! Here are some fun ideas for how to take advantage of this new Playlist Builder feature:

  • Create your own Monday Morning workout playlist featuring your favorite high-energy Punch Tracks and Trainer Classes to kick off your week
  • Combine all your favorite Punch Tracks into one playlist so you can flow from one to the next without having to scroll through the app
  • Give our pre-made “Liteboxer Favorites” playlist a try to box to some of the top tracks and classes 
  • Do all the work upfront by creating a playlist for each day of the week so you can head into the app and press play right away to start your workout 

No more scrolling through the app to find your next workout between Punch Tracks or Trainer Classes. Now you can combine it all in one place and advance seamlessly from one workout to the next without ever touching your phone or tablet. All you have to do is press play and get punching. 

This update is only available for Premium Liteboxer members. Learn more about Liteboxer membership and get started creating your own custom playlist today. 

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