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Liteboxer Non-Slip Mat



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The Liteboxer Non-Slip Mat reduces noise and reduces Liteboxer movement on most floors. Its size is suitable for both the standard and extended platforms.


  • Dimensions: 2035mm x 1100mm x 9mm (80.1" x 43.3" 0.35")
  • Material: Compressible black foam
  • Suitable surfaces: Most hard slick floors, such as hardwood, tile, cement, and firm rubber flooring. The non-slip mat may not be as effective on some carpets.

When unboxed and unrolled, some creasing may appear on the top of the mat. This appearance is temporary; allow up to one week for the creasing to disappear.

Liteboxer Platform Extender



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Recommended for fighters over 6’1” to give you a little more room to move during your fight. 

The platform extender adds 18" to the length of the platform. It includes an extended base mat, two additional hard floor covers, and all the hardware needed to connect it to your base platform.

  • Liteboxer w/ Standard Platform = 55.3" L x 37.5" W
  • Liteboxer w/ Extended Platform = 73.3" L x 37.5" W