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Liteboxer Gloves



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Get ready to punch into a new routine and punch past your limitations.

To determine the correct fit for your Liteboxer gloves, measure from the base of the palm to the top of the index finger. 

  • Small: Less than 8 Inches or 20cm
  • Large: Greater than 8 Inches or 20cm

Unsure of whether you’re a Small or Large? We recommend sizing up for a better fit.

Liteboxer Non-Slip Mat



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The Liteboxer Non-Slip Mat reduces noise and reduces Liteboxer movement on most floors. Its size is suitable for both the standard and extended platforms.


  • Dimensions: 2035mm x 1100mm x 9mm (80.1" x 43.3" 0.35")
  • Material: Compressible black foam
  • Suitable surfaces: Most hard slick floors, such as hardwood, tile, cement, and firm rubber flooring. The non-slip mat may not be as effective on some carpets.

When unboxed and unrolled, some creasing may appear on the top of the mat. This appearance is temporary; allow up to one week for the creasing to disappear.