Meet Lissa

BIG energy. When you step into the ring with Lissa you won’t be sure if you’re dancing or boxing. Her mesmerizing combos, sleek movements, and boss power make time melt away. Lissa doesn’t take herself too seriously and neither will you, so you’ll barely notice the sweat dripping as you get stronger, faster, and fitter.

"I love the focus and athleticism it requires. It’s such a therapeutic feeling to quite literally throw punches. Boxing combines everything I love about working out."

How do you describe your training style?

My training style is powerful, energetic, soulful/motivational. I will constantly push you to go deeper and not quit on yourself. I will always be on your side.

Any tips for new boxers?

I want new boxers to feel welcome and to feel safe. It's really easy to give in to fear because of the intimidation of trying or practicing something new. We all started in the new phase at one point, so we all know what that feels like. One day, it won't be new anymore. The best part of trying something new is when you start to find your groove and figure it out. As your trainer, I have your back!


Check out some of Lissa's favorite songs to sweat to.