New in Liteboxer VR: Workout Playlists

New in Liteboxer VR: Workout Playlists

Starting July 21, Premium VR members can create their own custom workout playlist. This means you can add, remove, reorder, and save any and all of your favorite Liteboxer VR workouts in one place. 

Add in your combination of Punch Tracks, Trainer Classes, Mitt Drills, or Sparring Sessions. Then, reorder or remove to customize the ultimate workout experience.

With playlists, you can replay your favorite combination of workouts again and again. This makes it easy to fall into a workout routine—like customizing the perfect Monday morning workout playlist that you box to at the start of every week. 

No more scrolling through the app to find your next workout between Punch Tracks or Mitt Drills. Now you can combine it all in one place and advance seamlessly from one workout to the next without ever taking off your VR headset. All you have to do is press play and get punching. 

You can find your saved playlists right in the Workouts tab of your Liteboxer app. We even created a playlist for you featuring some Liteboxer favorite top tracks!

This update is only available for Premium VR members. Learn more about VR membership and get started creating your own custom playlist today.

New Liteboxer Playlist's

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